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Selling 'As Is' Versus Fixing to Sell in the Austin Market

Times have changed. Years ago, it was almost always better to do fix-ups on a house before putting it on the market but that is no longer true. Today, the decision largely depends on when the house was built. Today's Buyer wants an open floor. Older homes in downtown areas that were built in the 50s and '60s can be renovated to today's tastes but doing so requires expertise, an extended time period, and large amounts of money. A contractor's cost for turning a 1200 sq ft one-story home into a home that looks like a just-built model home can run about 100-120K in Austin. In general, homes built before 1978 are best sold "as is" and homes built after 2000 are worth updating. When in doubt, call on an experienced REALTOR® before starting on a project.