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I Need to Sell My House Now What Can I Do?

  • Never turn down a showing even if you're cooking or have company or the house is messy. Tell the Buyer's Agent why the house is not at its best but let the Agent show the house. Coming back in two hours or two days might not be an option. Some Buyers have very limited time off or are in from out of town and their Agent is showing them property over a wide geographic region or the Buyers may fall in love with the Builder's Model in a new construction neighborhood. If you turn down the showing, you may never get a 2nd chance.

  • Do not leave negotiating room when you price your house. If the Buyers need closing costs, they can be added back into the price of the house. The lower you price your house, the larger the number of Buyers who will want to see your house. Most Buyers looking at resale homes today are looking for a bargain. The best thing that can happen is that you get multiple offers.

  • Your house needs to be clean and uncluttered even if it needs updating. Most Buyers buy with emotion and a dirty and/or cluttered home is a turn-off. Take a look at some nearby model homes to see how the small bedrooms are furnished. Too much furniture in a room makes the room look small. Too much stuff in a closet makes the closet look small.

  • Light is your friend! Use the maximum allowed wattage light bulbs in fixtures and open the curtains and blinds. Dark houses seem sad and Buyers buy with emotion even if they won't admit it.

  • All documentation needed to write an offer needs to be readily available to the Buyer's Agent. Uncertainty makes Buyers hesitate. Is the house in a flood plain now that the flood plain maps have been redrawn? What is planned for the adjacent vacant land? What are the HOA rules? What does the Seller Disclosure say?

  • Your goal is to make your house easy to buy! You want to create such a sense of urgency in your Buyers that they want to skip the rest of the houses on their list and go back to the office immediately and write an offer NOW before somebody else does. That way the Buyers never see that beautifully decorated model home with all the $$$$ Builder incentives.